What is Pace Wizard?

Pace Wizard is a tool for creating, managing and exchanging training plans. It also allows you to apply a training plan to a race which then generates a complete workout schedule with or without specific paces.

Security measures

Keep in mind that this is site is in beta. However having said that, security measures have been put in place to protect not only your password but any information you might provide.
  • Passwords
    If you register a new account, your password is stored as encypted meaning that NO ONE, including anyone with access to the database, is able to see any passwords.
  • Communication:
    This site uses HTTPS so all traffic between your browser and the server is encoded.
  • Storage
    The site is hosted on a secure, cloud-based platform. Nothing is stored on a local server. ALL data is located on a remote database managed by Microsoft.

Latest Changes

  • Added individual target times for each leg of a multi-sport event.
  • Added the target time to the schedule screen.
  • Changed paces to use unique metrics for each sport. Examples: Run - min/mile, Bike - mph, Swim min/100yds, etc.
  • Option to not use target times when building a workout schedule.
  • Workout notes.

Upcoming Features

  • An entirely new pace calculation system based on the Jack Daniels VDOT formula
  • User settings screen.

New Pace Calc Engine!

The pace calculations are now based on the Jack Daniels VDOT formulas. This requires two formulas, the first is to determine you VDOT number (V-dot-O2 max) and the second is to use this number to determine your training paces. There are new features being planned that will be based on your VDOT number also.

Try it out!

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